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People refer to Eve as a dream maker steeped in roots of Shamanism, Metaphysics, and mysticism. Her Four series technique has aligned thousands to their physical, emotional, financial, and love dreams. What are you ready to manifest in your life? Eve Crowe is a Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner, personal coach, and Metaphysician. Eve continues to create both written and audio work to share with the masses. In addition to being a Shamanic teacher, Eve is also an experienced intuitive reader and angel reader. She is on the referral list of Sandra Ingerman, author of “Soul Retrieval,” and is affiliated with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Eve is a seasoned healer and teacher with over 30 years experience. Eve has taught workshops at various spas and holistic centers throughout the country.

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EPIC Shamanic Gathering!

Empower yourself in all arenas of your life.

Bring your drums, rattles, and magical self!

Experience a deep dive to gather your inner power, shift into your next paradigm and thrive in this journey.
The drums and didjeridoo will take you deep …

A second journey to connect with your power animal AND a Power animal dance to live drumming with John Dumas, Matteo, and Niko Light!

You will never be the same after this event!
Join the tribe!

Led by Eve Crowe

Musicians :

John Dumas on didgeridoo, flute , pan drum and jembe .

Niko Light on drums and pan drum

Date: Saturday, November 5th
Time: Noon to 4 pm
Location :
Sacred Spirit Gallery
431 AZ-179
Sedona Az

Space is limited

Fee is $50

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