Align to Your Radiance


This recorded gathering will focus on inner balance, magnetism, and radiance.

Is there an arena of your life that you would like to enhance?
Do you feel fatigued, bored, uninspired or defeated?
OR are you on fire and ready to claim your new business venture, your beloved life partner, your dream home, and radiant health?
If so this guided meditation will align you to your specific desire.
Just this month I am reducing the fee to only $5.
I bet you would like to feel calm, peaceful, inspired, and aligned to a higher vibration. Whether you show up live or receive the recording this process can be your daily or weekly 10-minute centering meditation or manifestation.
I have designed these monthly gatherings to be fun and mystical filled with drumming, medicine songs, a card reading and a meditation for you to replay weekly .
Guided meditations have the same benefit as silent meditations.
 Personally, I prefer guided because the images that you’re given will stay in your conscious and subconscious mind. When you start to feel overwhelmed or stressed your mind will automatically remember the beautiful visualizations to override the emotions.
I would love to be in a circle with you! Remember time and space is an illusion…
Shamans work outside of time and space.
It’s always a mystery as to how a past life journey will unfold.

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