Monthly Shamanic Circle – Past Life Regression Journey 7/21


Prepare yourself for an EPIC journey into a past life.
Even if you’ve never journeyed before or you are an experienced journeyer this will be a magic carpet ride!
The circle will start with calling in the directions, medicine songs, and meditation to prepare you for the journey …
Your power animal or a teacher will guide you along with my drumming into the exact past life that your soul is ready to experience.
You don’t want to miss this one! If you’re not available feel free to register and I will send you the recording. Time and space is an allusion. Meaning you will still receive the benefits even if you listen to the recording.
People have cleared fears, traumas, and old patterns through reviewing past lives. Some people have the opportunity to meet an empowering past self and are able to integrate that strength into this life.
It’s always a mystery as to how a past life journey will unfold.
Date: Wednesday, July 21st    Time: 7pm EST / 4p PST
Fee: $10
Details will be in the purchase confirmation email.