Private Sedona Retreat

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Come be with me in the spiritual Mecca of the United States. Sedona is the most popular place for people to visit to connect with their souls.

We can create a package to meet your needs!
I have some sample packages for you and a few Air BnB options.

Option A
A single session of your choice  or a ceremony in nature

Option B
Three hours all at once or sprinkled throughout the day .
Includes lunch at Chocolatree Restaurant

Option C
Three hours for two days in a row. Six hours in total including lunch at Chocolatree Restaurant.

Soul Retrieval, Past Life Reading, Ancestral Clearing, Karmic Release, Subconscious alignment, and a ceremony to call in prosperity, health, or your soulmate!

If you would like to add a friend or beloved please contact me to discuss more options!

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Magnificent Outcomes

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Magnificent Outcomes Sessions with Eve

Becoming the highest expression of yourself! All sessions can be on in-person, over the phone or on Zoom.

In these four sessions, you will clear deep rooted core patterns that block you from your dream reality such as a beloved partner, financial freedom, vibrant health and exquisite community. These sessions are an hour each totaling 4 hours and are available on the phone or in person. After 30 days of completion, you will receive a complementary reading to share what your reality will be like without all of the issues from your past or your ancestral lineage. Eve has a 98% success rate for issues clearing within a year. Please view the testimonial page. To register, contact Eve.

Fee $1,250. Slide scale available.

Magnificent outcomes Modules

Enjoy these pre-recorded modules at your own pace.

In these four modules, you will clear deep-rooted core patterns that block you from your dream reality, such as a beloved partner, financial freedom, vibrant health, and exquisite community. Eve has a 98% success rate for issues clearing within a year. Please view the testimonial page.

This is a four-module series. After purchase, you will receive an email with links to view all four modules. You will then be able to view them at your own pace.

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Shamanic Mentoring

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I will teach on Zoom or the phone depending on your preference.


There are some healing modalities such as Soul Retrieval that is best taught in person .
Mentoring will sharpen your skills whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced practitioner.

Outdoor Ceremony with Eve Crowe

We will spend an hour every week and there will be spiritual homework such as specific journeys and rituals.Practice and real-life cases that I will pass on to you will increase your confidence to prepare you to have a private practice.

Shamanic Coaching

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This style of coaching will be tailored to each individual.

I will meet you where you are on your Shamanic path whether it be a beginner, intermediate or advanced Shamanic practitioner.

Beginners will learn:

How to set up an altar, calling in the directions, journeying to meet your power animal and teacher along with many rich teachings.
Ancient medicine songs and drumming will be taught as well.

Intermediates will learn:

Every intermediate will be in a different place. We will explore different journeys to strengthen your daily practice and to prepare you for in person advanced classes either with me or the practitioner of your choice. Whether you would like a private practice or simply to work with your friends and loved ones. Additional ancient medicine songs will be taught.

Advanced practitioners will be guided:                                                     

To sharpen your skills , create inner landscapes and to go deeper into your practice with a guide. Share and journey about real case studies that are current or to go deeper in a shamanic way within yourself. Learn additional ancient medicine songs.

* Advanced techniques such as Soul Retrieval, Psychopomp etc. must be done in person with me or a teacher of your choice.
Shamanic Coaching is done in 3, 6, 9 and 12 month increments.

All sessions are based on a sliding scale.

For a faster response, please text or call to discuss: 239.658.4144

Karmic release

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We are born with specific patterns that we came here to work on and process in this incarnation.

In this session we will clear the root core issue that stands in the way of you being the highest expression of who you are.

We also will release abandonment issues, abuse, addictions, betrayal, curses, Diseases, death wishes, mother issues, father issues, low self-esteem, low self-worth, low self-respect, money issues, love issues and many more. This is a profound and empowering session!

Subconscious Alignment

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Research shows that our subconscious mind creates 95% of our reality. Our subconscious is the part of the awareness in our brain that we are not conscious of.

In this session we will sculpt your future life together with conscious verbiage.

A deep guided meditation will follow to align you to the health , wealth , love and home that you desire. This is a paradigm shifter!


Ancestral Tree Lineage Clearing

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When were born we have our own karma to work through.

We also have our ancestors patterns, plagues, wars, recessions, Holocaust, massacres, slavery, love issues and more that we inherit. This is when we go to the doctor they always ask us what diseases are in our family.

In this deep guided meditation we will visit and disconnect from the pain and suffering that you may be connected to from your parents lineage.

We will align you to Only remembering the positive memories from your ancestors past and the gifts, talents and love. The last part of this session is a surprise!


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Experience an ancient shamanic healing. Soul retrieval has been known to treat immune diseases, emptiness, depression, and anxiety. It can also help one cope with divorces, deaths and new beginnings. Soul retrieval can lead to vibrant health, prosperity, happiness, and deeper love relationships. Feel the ancient ways of healing through chants, rattling and drumming.


Personal Coaching

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Eve’s Consulting is based on the law of attraction and intuitive guidance. Eve has been the catalyst for people meeting their marriage partners quickly, making tremendous amounts of money, losing weight, and letting go of sugar, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.



Intuitive Readings and Angel Readings

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Receive accurate information that enhances your life. Readings are helpful with relationships, career, health and spiritual growth. Telephone consultations available.


Past Life Regression

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Visit one to three past lives through guided visualization. Regression can be used to clear traumas, fears, and blockages regarding health, love, and money. Or simply come enjoy the mystery of viewing past lives.


Reiki Treatment

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Reiki is a Japanese form of healing and balancing your body. Arthritis, depression, anxiety, fatigue and deep rooted emotions can be relieved.

Power Animal Retrieval

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Shamanic journeying is a sacred technique to bring you together with your animal spirit guides. Through journeying you will meet and merge with your power animal. These journeys can be a treatment for asthma, lung and immune deficiencies. People tend to feel more empowered in their lives after this session. Feel the ancient ways of drumming, chanting, and ceremonies.

Animal Healings

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Reiki and Shamanism has been proven over recent times to heal injuries ~ emotions and behavior issues. Healings can be done in person or with a picture remotely. Prices are reasonable and vary.

Some animals are open to performing tricks which can be great laughs with the family or a great prosperity opportunity. I prefer to work with cats, dogs, horses, and donkeys. Must be done in person. Prices are reasonable and vary.


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Add some magic to your next event with Tarot and Angel Reading. Birthday parties, bridal showers, anniversaries, and more. One or two psychics available. Please book early for holiday parties.

Ceremonies and Weddings

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Eve in rock formation

Weddings – Legal and Spiritual – many traditions available. Commitment Ceremonies, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Birthdays, Rites of Passage, Life Partner, ancient foot bath ritual, Prosperity Ceremonies.

All sessions can be done on the phone, in person, or via FaceTime or Zoom.

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