I reached out to Eve after seeing her name several times on social media. I felt it was the perfect time as I was on the hunt for answers. I was recently separated, post surgery and generally feeling lost in my life. I caught her just before the New Year and she suggested the Four Series after a reading. Although it was close, I was very appreciative of Eve for getting me in on such short notice. I can truly say that her work has been life changing for me.I have had closure to my marriage while finding a love that was in my life this whole time. My health feels stronger than ever and I am trusting what the universe has in store for me.I have never felt so settled in my own skin as I do now; there is an ease to my everyday living that feels so very brand new. I was incredibly diligent about her suggestions of listening to her guided meditations daily. Now 6 months out, circumstances have changed for the better and I cannot thank Eve enough. If you need guidance - don’t hesitate!


The healing and clearing work that Eve has done with me has not only helped me to clear blockages that are keeping me from manifesting greater joy into my life, I can actually physically feel it in my body.
The day after our most recent karmic release and healing session I felt more joy and peace than I have felt in a very long time. I felt so light it was almost like I was floating through my day, not even the biggest inconveniences knocked me off my joy-filled path.
Thank you Eve for your incredible dedication to helping me identify what is getting in the way of clarity, peace, and me realizing my true power and inner wisdom. Working with you is life-changing!

I heard about Eve through a friend who had consulted with her during her divorce and had a good experience. I came to Eve after many years struggling with infertility and pregnancy losses. I didn’t know where else to turn. Some doctors had seemed to think we had exhausted all options. Eve did a past life regression and discovered that I had past life events that were preventing me from getting pregnant in this lifetime. We did the 4 series and a month later, I got pregnant with my son. He is now a healthy and beautiful 17-month old, and I could not be more grateful to have had Eve help me on my journey to motherhood. I highly recommend her. She’s kind, thoughtful and was never pushy about money or services.
Thank you,


I am hugely thankful for Eve's healing work with me - it has been transformative.
I have moved from an 8/10 level of pain as a result of an extremely painful medical condition Trigeminal neuralgia.
Through Eve's beautiful, insightful healing work in the Four Series I now have little or no pain and am moving positively forward in my life.
All session were done on Zoom!
I value most that this process brought together creativity, faith and healing to all parts of my life with Eve's wisdom, skill and care - thank you so much Eve.
Kate London England

Within three months of doing the four series with Eve, my life completely changed.

A scheduled surgery turned out to be way less serious and invasive than the MRI showed. My income increased so that I am now able to make the same amount of money in three days as I was in five, and after not dating for eight years and not even thinking I would ever date again, I met an awesome man (who in fact I already knew from 20 years back as he was the father of one of my son’s best friends in High School), who I randomly send a message to on Facebook and we went from there, and it is awesome! Eve says I was able to accomplish this because my blockages had been removed, and I totally believe that. If you are hesitating, I would recommend taking the plunge!
Your life will thank you!

Thank you, Eve!

I just want to take a moment and thank you Eve, for your kind, powerful, healing work that you did on my daughter and I. She suffered from constant migraines and nausea and hardly ate or drank since years ago. She hit a Very serious point in January 2019 when she lost 9 pounds (she’s 13) on her tiny frame from hardly eating and drinking . Her diagnosis is Intracranial hypertension and POTS. Two rare illnesses. I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder at 37 after my daughter almost drowned from falling in our pool at 22 months and I jumped in a saved her through resuscitation. I suffered a nervous breakdown shortly after that and was hospitalized for over a month , then 2 times afterwards. It was so hard for my husband to keep our family together. We persevered but things were financially hard after that and my recovery was a long road.

Years later my daughter got sick and has spent so much time in the hospital they know us by name!
It’s been such a scary and dark road for our family always trying to keep the faith. Until we had the sessions with you ending in karmic release. Suddenly my daughter is eating again and drinking and seams happier. I too feel lighter like the sun is shining on me and more positive with more energy. Our family business improved instantly.

I can only give credit to your work on us and for how much we’re improving daily! We have so much renewed hope and feel like it’s going to be a great future!

Humbly and forever thankful, Karlanna

Eve's Reiki 1 class was amazing. While I was expecting an attunement and learning how to give Reiki healing treatments I did not expect the depth of experiential learning and healing that was integrated into the workshop. Before I arrived to Eve's class I had been experiencing extreme neck and shoulder pain. It was interfering with my sleep and daily functioning. The day after my Reiki class the pain was gone. Not even a Chiropractor was able to help but the healing energy of Reiki finally soothed the pain!"


For those that don’t know me yes I recently had a scary health challenge. I was diagnosed with either diverticulitis or colitis and went to ER in a lot of pain. I did many things to improve my health which included radical changes in my diet, no grains, no dairy, no coffee, no sugar, no oils, no meat, just occasional fish. I also had a remote session with Eve in which she did a soul retrieval and extraction. I believe the session with Eve was a very powerful step in my healing process. So today I got the results of a second Cat Scan and there is no sign of inflammation, and my fatty liver disease is completely gone!!!!!! That was a very pleasant surprise as I wasn’t expecting that at all. People ask me how i am able to stick to such a disciplined diet and I tell them it’s easy. When your health is at stake you do everything in your power to heal. One can heal the body but the most important healing in my opinion is the spiritual healing that happens. Soul retrieval is about deep spiritual healing. The body then follows suit!


Eve, I have been listening to your ‘Subconscious Audio to align to prosperity, health and love dreams.’ Sometimes I listen during the day, and other times I listen in the evening as I fall sleep. . .and helps me sleep deep, easily brings me into a gentle meditative state. The journey is invigorating in a relaxed way. My body feels alive, refreshed, my mind relaxed.

Thank you,


Eve Crow does powerful work. I have had numerous sessions with her and every single one has resulted in true and real change. Solid real results. Just recently she removed a block from my throat chakra as I had been suffering from laryngitis. That next day, my voice began returning. I was blown away. I could feel the shift even as she did the clearing. For me, knowing Eve and having her on speed dial is invaluable in my life.


Kristy Peterson

Thank you! a million times thank you!! I have not felt this good in months, probably years! I am feeling so strong, solid, and hopeful for the first time in a long time. I am so grateful that you were able to work with me this week because after crying for almost three days in a row and being so depressed for months now, perhaps even years, I felt that I needed something extraordinary to help me immediately. My negative dark thoughts were starting to scare me and I know I could not continue the way I was going. Thank you for the miraculous work you have done on my behalf in the past two days! I feel as though you have saved my life and I have hope again for some joy and happiness in my future. I feel like there is literally pink steel reinforcements of pure love in my being and in my spine. I feel ready to start my new job, wherever I may land! Thank you for my excellent reading and Karmic release. I cannot wait to speak to you on Friday for my final visualization. I am anxious to see what happens when you begin working to heal my children – thank you for accepting the work with them as they have been so challenged all of their lives.


During my cat scan on my heart the attending tech picked up a small white mass on the Scan – it was a spot on my right upper pole of my right kidney. I immediately phoned Eve and she began working on the kidney. 10 days they did an extensive ultrasound of both kidneys. There was absolutely no spot the upper pole. Of the right Kidney. All was Clear. Thank you Eve. For all you do for my family.

Rose Vasha

I was struggling with letting go of traumas from my past. My P.T.S.D. symptoms were interfering with my work and life. After my very first session with Eve my symptoms and nightmares stopped. I got a promotion and raise within 48hrs. Didnt figure on such dramatic pos.changes. Did a few more sessions an health has improved an feeling better than I ever have. Was told I would have to go on disability due to ongoing health issues. Dr said I was improving. Eve is an amazing person and an honest giving soul. I’m truly blessed and so grateful to have worked with her.

Carol ~ Naples, FL


My husband recently broke out with a severe case of shingles. The blisters were thick from the top of his head, down his forehead, over the left eye and down his left cheek. His left eye became swollen shut. He went to the eye doctor….who told him he’d seen cases of shingles causing temporary blindness. Hubby then went to his medical doctor who gave him prescriptions and told him to take them immediately…and that he probably should be able to return to work in 6 weeks. He was in pain and miserable. I called Eve.

Eve worked her “magic”. 6 days not 6 weeks! My husband’s lesions faded and his eye was open. The pain from the top of his head down to his neck subsided. In 10 days he was back to work (sales position face to face with the public). Not 6 weeks, not 4 weeks, not even 2 weeks, the shingles marched away!

I have known Eve for over 4 years and have been blessed to benefit from her healing talents, her integrity and dedication. She is truly a gifted soul. I Thank You, Ms. Crowe.

Northern California

My 9 year old cat developed a lung infection that eventually got so bad that it spread to all of her joints. At first I was told that she had asthma and I bought a bunch of medications and a special inhaler. She got worse, stopped eating, and could no longer control her bladder or bowels. I took her to several vets until I found one who took the time to narrow down what could be wrong with my darling. She was finally diagnosed with micoplasma or rheumatoid arthritis and given two medications. After seven months of IV fluids and working out dosages, we finally got my cat to a stable place. Though her condition was not getting worse and she was regaining her faculties, she wasn’t quite her normal self. She was very low energy, did not care to interact and would not attempt to play or jump. I knew that she needed something more than what is typically available for felines. I contacted Eve Crowe and asked for her help. I couldn’t believe my eyes after Eve worked on my cat. She had returned to her normal, frisky self. When I came home she sprang out of bed and met me at the door, something she hadn’t done in literally 8 months. I continued to be amazed as my cat regained more and more of her self right before my eyes. She was running, playing, communicating and showing interest in life again. I thank Eve for bringing my cat back when so many doctors told me my cat would probably never regain full function.

Dr. Katie Sokolski

Prosperity & Money Manifestations:

I am so incredibly thankful for the love and support from Eve over the last couple of years! I started working with her at the start of the pandemic and she has helped me navigate some big changes in my life. Thanks to her help, I’ve been able to move to my dream city of San Francisco, make a career change and land my dream job in interior design. All of this happened before I even got to California! Eve’s wisdom, kindness and commitment to helping others is incomparable and anyone would be so fortunate to have the opportunity to meet her and work with her. I’m thrilled for this next chapter in my life and truly feel like I’ve let go of old patters so that my world could open up to new opportunities. Thank you, Eve! I’m forever grateful!


Prior to manifesting with Eve my professional life felt as though it was being guided by obstacless outside of my control. Eve guided me to set the intentions for my business and professional goals. After only two sessions, the obstacles were removed, and within six months of our first session my business was more profitable, and I was directing the course of my company rather than reacting to obstacles in front of me.

Page, RJA Inc. Colorado

Just months after working with Eve, I got a new job offer and doubled my income! Listening to the audio and doing my daily affirmations really helped and gave me quick results that shocked me in such a great way. I am so grateful for Eve’s wisdom and guidance that has helped me clear blockages to make way for abundance and good things in all areas my life. I look forward to continuing to work with her!


I went through the The Four Series in April of this year and on is undeniably the most powerful and life shifting process I’ve ever experienced. I healed a lot of core issues that were blocking me from moving forward in self love and my romantic relationships. My last reading just a few weeks ago showed my 2nd chakra fully healed and I can feel every ounce of that. 🙏🏽 Eve is so gifted and I’m incredibly thankful our paths were connected. 💖

Rosalee Savant

In my session with Eve we cleared money blocks and aligned my subconscious to receive $4000 immediately.
After the second session my husband and I received over $4000 within a week!

Sarah from Colorado

I had the pleasure of meeting Eve during a full day shamanic journeying Retreat. During one of our Journeys we tapped our subconscious on the shoulder and asked her to jot down some things. One of which was that I would like to receive an additional $1,000 a week in pay. And genuinely within the next few weeks I had two really amazing girls approach me for jobs, bring their client base with them and my business took off! Coincidence, I think not!

Leah Lynch
Owner - Beautique Salon, Spa & Lash Lounge
Best of Boston - Best Salon, North 2019

Within three weeks my income quadrupled ! My remote and in person sessions are now sustaining me and my children financially . We released many issues including my financial blockages along with a deep soul retrieval for this magnificent outcome!

Alejandro from Colorado

The work Eve has done for me has been effective, transformative, and profound. Shortly after receiving a soul retrieval, subconscious reprogramming, and Karmic cleansing from Eve my income literally tripled. Not only was I being compensated more for the services I provide I was living with ease and purpose, and a stronger connection to the divine. As I was with Eve I continue to thrive and remain in the flow. After she cleared my office space and a whole body cryotherapy chamber I had been struggling to market, new clients literally called and walked in the door within the hour. I ended the day with $550 in collections which far out performed any other day the cryotherapy had been operational over the last 4 months. Thanks Eve!

Luke M

Good morning Eve,

Thought it would be a good time to check in with you and validate your work with me last Spring. You helped me set an intention to “Be living in a quiet, peaceful, surrounding with like minded friends.” This is exactly what happened!!!

In July we moved to a quiet home with a private garden, garage, workshop, and it costs the same each month as we were paying – rent + storage. We are so happy here, and I teach yoga on Wednesday night to my new neighbors in the back yard!

In addition, Greg received a big promotion at work, with a 10% raise and a bonus:-) He’s learning and growing so much and it is a pleasure to share life with him. I also found a new business that is thrilling to me. Thank you for your good works and helping the planet “One person at a time.”

Love and blessings,

I first contacted Eve via a recommendation from Sandra Ingerman’s website. Since finishing Eve’s four part session, this has been my experience. Most of my 20 years of past issues have vanished or are in the process of being eliminated. My financial situation has never been better and promises to to grow. My current outlook on life is filled with gratitude and my future outlook is brighter than I could have ever imagined. Thanks to Eve’s guidance and direction, I now have a very promising and bright future ahead, a complete 180 degree turn around in my life. Thank you Eve, you are a truly gifted and pleasant soul!

Neal Emery

I started working with Eve when I was facing a crossroads in my life, both emotionally and financially. What I learned working with Eve has been valuable beyond measure. With her, I cleared the energy in my life, cut cords that were holding me back and found a balance in my life that had been eluding me for a long time. Her work even positively affected my dog! He was one step away from being re-homed. Eve cleared my house and the affect on him was immediate. He has been a great dog ever since (occasionally he slips up, but he is still a dog after all!). The most wonderful benefit occurred last week when I received not one – but three! – bonuses that generated $3000 in 2 days, and another $2500 which will arrive some time in the next 6 months. When she says, “may this come back to you one thousand-fold”, she is sending a message to the Universe that is truly heard.

I am extremely grateful for the help and guidance I’ve received from Eve, and look forward to continuing our work in the future. I highly recommend her. I gained more insight and benefit from 3 sessions with her than I did from 2 years of weekly therapy following my divorce. And the work we did continues to show up in my life on a daily basis. It’s like she un-clogged a portal of blessings that was waiting to flow. She is truly gifted and has been an amazing blessing to my life. So much so that I’ve referred several friends to her, who she has also helped.

You will not regret your decision to work with her.

Hampton, NH

I have known Eve for over 15 years during that time I have consulted with you for personal coaching and was very happy with the results.

In 2008 the Real Estate market dropped and my business lost over 75% of income. 2009 started off just as bad. At that time I decided to hire Eve on retainer to help me sell these properties that were just sitting month after month.

I am please to say that the results were fantastic. Properties began moving, buyers and sellers were open and easy to work with. I attribute this to the coaching techniques that Eve trained and worked with me on.

I would recommend her coaching services, (especially in real – estate or any type of sales), you will see a dramatic increase in production, income and satisfied customers. I am truly grateful for all that she has done for me and I again back in the game of real estate.

— Rose A. Vasha

Through the four series and coaching work with Eve I’ve grown my commitment to myself and many things have changed in my life.

I’ve left a ‘recognized’ job where I was unfulfilled, unhappy and had a bullying boss. I am now in a better-paid role for a new company that values me.

I have a 3-day week, working from home. This frees me up to do develop my teaching and garden design work.
Most importantly is not how it ‘looks’ but how it feels, more connected and authentic.


Real Estate:

I had trouble selling my home for several months as I was guided to move out-of-state. I was visualizing, clearing, and chanting to make the sale happen. I had a session with Eve to clear past karma and curses associated with the house. Within days the house sold for the price I was asking. Thank you Eve for the great session that allowed this manifestation of abundance to happen.

Ariann from Santa Fe, NM


I’ve been a Realtor for just over a decade, and I’ve sold all types of houses. In addition to the home’s staging, marketing and price point, the energy of a property can absolutely make or break a sale. I can’t tell you how often a buyer will walk through a property and tell me that they don’t like the “feel of the place.” I’ve used Eve for years to clear properties that I’ve not only listed, but that my buyers are purchasing as well. In one recent example, I listed a home in Oakland, California, that should have had a lot of interest. But after a week of no showings, Eve worked with the energy of the home and surrounding land, and she was able to clear out the past owner’s (and her family’s) attachments and lingering presence. The entire house felt lighter and brighter afterwards, and within a couple days we had an offer and closed quickly. I highly recommend Eve’s services. I use her both for real estate and for my personal residence.

Amber Neuman California

Love Partners:

I was referred to Eve by a close friend and mentor.
Eve replied to me quickly. After our 15 minute complimentary session, she suggested The Four Series program to assist me with my health and manifesting my true love.
At the time I was dating someone who represented an old pattern within my love life.
Just a few months after we finished The Four Series I was contacted by a high school friend.
He is my true love! Thank you Eve for the deep transformative sessions! My health has increased tremendously as well!
M.B. Massachusetts

Before the work with Eve, my relationship with my husband was just fine, we were in love, we had a healthy sex life, and generally domesticate peacefully. In early March my husband had a soul retrieval and karmic release session with Eve. Also, Eve has been clearing our house and property each month for the past six months. Something happened that I didn’t know was even possible. My husband and I completely fell in love, head over heels for each other again after 15 years of being together. Our communication has deepened and our sex life has reached a whole new level. I feel like he went from being my prince charming to being my king and I his queen. The only thing I can attribute this change to is the work that we’ve been doing with Eve. Even my traditional husband says, “it feels like something has gotten out of the way and now we can be closer.” Life was good but now it is great in so many surprising ways.

Complete magic!

Tonia L

When I started working with Eve I was in a dysfunctional alcoholic relationship. She helped me find my power and independence, not by telling me what to do, but by recognizing my power, identifying what I wanted. Working with Eve I went from a part-time job with no benefits, to a full time job with great benefits, got a promotion in 3 months, left the alcoholic, and found a better partner who I married. Now over 3 years later, I am happily married, have a beautiful baby, and much better at accessing my power and better at focusing on clear healthy goals. I attribute working with Eve for guiding my progress to a better place. I worked with her for regular coaching sessions, readings, and retrievals. She was great to work with.

Sara T
Portland, OR

Hi Eve,

I was very fortunate to be referred to you by Betty Lipton back in 2005 or 2006 when I was living in Dover, New Hampshire. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you again for the session that I had with you all that time ago. When we talked, I was going through a very difficult time with a break up and I was desperately searching for a way to make myself feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually. I knew that with time, I would heal.. but my sadness was overwhelming and I wanted to take positive steps towards healing in any way that I could find (i even tried hypnosis!)

We had a session where you helped me cut the tie between myself and my ex-boyfriend. It was profound. Cutting that tie lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders and helped me to relax for the first time in a long time. You were correct when you said that he would sense the broken connection and attempt to contact me. He did the next day. But I remained strong, and was truly affected by the peace that our session provided me.

Many years later, I am now married to that very same man I was trying to move on from and am very happy. I don’t think my life would have worked out the way that it had if it hadn’t been for your help. Helping me to move on at that time, was the best thing that ever could have happened to me. I just wanted to say thank you again for that.

I have a friend who was around me during the time that all of this occurred. She was the only one I talked to about our session and we jokingly referred to you as the “California Love Doctor.” Recently she has been asking me questions about my session with you and I have told her she definitely should look into speaking with you.

It was really nice to remember our session and the happiness that I gained from that experience with you. I wanted to drop you a note to again thank you for it.

Heather Hargraves (Fleming was my maiden name when we last spoke)

Shamanic Coaching:

I had been working with Eve in shamanic coaching to help align myself with a shamanic way of walking in the world. The work ended up being much deeper as I grew in my spiritual practice. Eve helped me understand how to heal my life with shamanic ways with such issues as deep as the death of a parent. She has taught me through coaching and healings how shamanic work can clear away residual energies that were blocking me from becoming who I was meant to be in the world. Grateful.

I like a lot about the concepts we explored that you teach and the themes, and anything about indigenous wisdom about connecting with the elements, the Earth - there is so much more there to learn. I especially relish the instructional pieces.
The biggest shift you facilitated for me was in imparting my relationship with fear when I was traveling in CA during the fires - as well as ego along the way - and being disciplined and my own clarity of intention, holding space with me...and your readings have helped see my path very importantly and more clearly when I also receive verification from other signs, dreams, etc. at the same time.
I cherished connecting with you more authentically during our coaching, and seeing your mode of living and patience with my struggles; this was a great gift.
I am so grateful for your coaching and all you do, and sharing your path and unique gifts - of healing, clearing, knowing.
D.S. Marin county California

Shamanic Mentoring:

Being an empath I have spent many years living with the urge to help people utilizing my gifts but not knowing how.

After starting my Shamanic Mentoring with Eve Crowe, I was quickly shown a path.
With my natural intuition and the techniques taught to me by Eve, I am now clearing properties, filling the property with healing energy.
Then placing protections to transform properties into sanctuaries.
Thank you for your time and all your hard work Eve.

Rey from San Jose :-)

As my interest and commitment to learning shamanic ways of walking in the world grew, I began working with Eve in Shamanic Mentoring. It is here that I am learning about what my capabilities are, and how those capabilities may be offered in a healing practice in the future. Eve has talent, skill, and vision as a Shamanic Practioner. Her mentoring is focused, thoughtful, and thorough. I am learning and growing and feeling myself evolve as a potential healer in the world.


I was blessed to go through Eve Crowe’s apprentice program 8 years ago. The experience changed and enriched my life in countless ways. Eve is a beautiful teacher, who shares the gift of her lessons to empower her students to take this good work out into the world. Thanks to her, I have evolved and healed in many ways. I call upon her guidance regularly in my daily life. She is compassion, grace and a powerful wise woman. I am truly grateful for all she has taught, and continues to teach me.

Beth Shafer – Dover, New Hampshire

Eve guided me through nine weeks of Shamanic mentoring, journeying to connect with the elements, power animals, and Shamanic Spirit guides. She carefully explained each journey with such precision that I never felt unsure or uneasy about where I was going or what to do next. The journeys and lessons are always very well planned. She guided me through a journey of self-discovery and spiritual work.

I appreciate Eve’s strength of character as we moved through the different journeys, healing modalities and practices of core Shamanism. Her integrity and knowledge make her an extremely valuable resource.

I look forward to the start of my second series with immense gratitude.

-Lisa C.
March 2021

Magnificent outcomes:

Eve has been a Godsend to me and my family. In a matter of a week of working with her she did a soul retrieval and karmic release on me, as well as work with my daughter and husband. After each of my sessions, I felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness and a bit of a lightness, which I would associate with the expression of "a weight being lifted off of me". I also immediately saw same day changes in both my daughter and my husband. My daughter was suffering with feelings of deep sorrowfulness and it was to the point that her counselor called me into their session to talk to me about her concern. She wasn't necessarily suicidal but her thoughts were considered a slippery slope. My daughter, nor I, could explain where these feelings were coming from. She has always been relatively critical of herself (what teenager isn't), but her behavior of not caring and being completely disengaged with the family and school were abnormal. While working with me, I shared this concern with Eve and she mentioned that she could help her. She began working on her that night and into the next day. Eve found that she had a very negative spirit inside of her that was causing her extreme sadness. She also found that throughout different points of her life she had lost parts of her soul that had detached from her in moments where she was being picked on or made fun of. She was able to bring those parts of her back and also cleared the negative energy that was inside of her. I know this may all sound a little extreme, but the shift I saw in my daughter was unexplainable. The first day she came out of her room, she was extremely social and even watched a family movie with us which had been a rarity. The change was and continues to be significantly noticeable. I'm so thankful to have my daughter back. After I saw the work she did on my daughter, I asked her to work on my husband. He just hadn't been himself and he too seemed to be in a funk and had very low energy. He wasn't as bad as my daughter, but definitely more on the negative side when he's usually upbeat and positive. She found the same type of situation with him. How does something like this happen, you make ask? Well I wish I had the answer so I can make sure it doesn't happen again but I don't. What I do know is that I asked Eve to clear my my house and she found that somehow a portal had been opened and I had spirits inside and outside of my house. Once again, Eve to the rescue! She got my husband and home all squared away. After her work on my husband, not only did I see the difference but he actually felt it. He asked me what we did because he said he felt like a new man. I couldn't believe my ears and in all honestly my eyes. My house and the people inside of it, including myself, have done a complete 360. While we certainly have the daily demands of life that we deal with on the regular, this last month we have all seen a noticeable difference in each other. And to see the shift in attitude and demeanor change within hours in nothing short of a miracle. Needless to say, I was shocked to learn about all of the things that were impacting us. Current life challenges, past life issues and negative subconscious thoughts that were directly taking a toll on our daily lives. Eve was able to clear negative spirits, past life and ancestral issues and help with healing that truly only a healer can work on. Each session was powerful and with the help of technology we did them all remotely! If you are contemplating whether or not Eve is the right person for you, I can tell you that not only have I trusted her to work with my family, but I've also had her work with several friends as well. If you are reading this testimonial, you can trust that you are likely being guided to her and you too can benefit greatly from her services!

Melanie S.

Eve has done a lot of work with me and my family remotely. I was having trouble changing careers. She said to me, “your subconscious still thinks you are a massage therapist, you need to tell your subconscious that you are a teacher now.” This , led me to do the four series — soul retrieval, karmic release, subconscious work, and a house/car/office clearing. Even though the sessions were over the phone, I had incredible results. It was like someone opened my head and took 90% of my negotiate self-talk away. My confidence blossomed, I felt like I was fully embodying my body; like I was home and fully present for the first time; like I was finally a grown-up (at age 47). Magic happened after the subconscious session. Within a week someone called me to teach a massage class.

I thought, “if this worked on me then maybe it will work on my 8 year old son.” My third grade son has behavioral and focus problems. Eve did a soul retrieval and that night my son sat down and did art for an hour on his own - he completely forgot about screen time. While putting him to bed that night he was so calm and sweet. I felt like my son was fully here for the first time, and has remained so. Another surprising thing happened. At the time of my son’s first session with Eve he was at a first grade reading level. After 3 months of house clearings with special attention on my my son, his reading jumped to above average third grade level! I know that this unseen world is real of which Eve is a master at navigating.


Had an amazing reading & chat w/ Eve B. Crowe (Coyote Star). Thus confirming, a whole new beautiful life is unfolding. <3 Excited for next few months. I’ve put in the work w/ your loving assistance/guidance & now it’s time to wipe the sleep from my eyes an awaken to a new dawn. Thank you Eve. You are amazing & always on point. I appreciate you & all that you do.

Kristin Cruz

It’s hard to describe how I felt when I sought Eve’s help. On the surface, my life looked pretty good. I had a good job and made decent money, I was living in my own house, and I had plenty of friends and was dating a nice guy. When I truly allowed myself to look inside, however, I realized I was living with a very deep feeling of unease. I wanted more out of life. I wasn’t content with just the surface-level “success”, I also wanted to feel fulfilled and truly happy. I was introduced to Eve at the exact time that I was ready to really start living! I signed up for all four of her sessions, and instantly my life began to change! From our first session, I felt lighter and more alive and confident than I had in years. Two weeks into Eve’s work, I ended my relationship with the nice guy I was dating because I now knew he wasn’t “the one.” I got the confidence and energy to leave my real estate team and go out on my own and start my own business. I had been using alcohol to numb my uneasy feelings more than I would like to admit, and after Eve’s sessions my body completely physically started to reject alcohol as a numbing agent. I can go into more detail on this point one-on-one but I’ll leave out the details here. And after the Family Tree session, my family actually began noticing some of the changes in their own lives, as we’re all energetically connected! After one month and completing all four sessions, I have much more confidence, an overall lighter and happier energy, my own business that I’m excited about building, and a healthier body. How can you put a price on this?! I can truly say that Eve changed my life over the course of only one month, and I’m so excited to see what’s in store for me in the future months and years! As far as I’m concerned, Eve is a miracle-worker, and I can’t recommend her services highly enough.

Amber Neumann

Eve helped me through a very difficult time in my life when I was dealing with the death of two of my closest females (best human & dog friend) plus another huge upheaval… I chose to do the four series package and I can feel the impeccably clearing effect of it six months later, it has truly made a difference! The sessions with Eve made a difference between me finding a way to navigate the grief and move forward in a positive manner… I highly recommend her!

Much love to you dear one…


Eve, a note of thanks. I attended your, ‘Family Tree Prosperity and Soulmate Clearing‘ teleconference. It was an amazing journey that you took us on, and I have already seen changes in my family relationships, it shows up in photos, smiles on faces, instead of sneers. In addition, at the end of the teleconference, I received a vision that lead me to know what action to take to further enhance my health.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Sincerely, Lena

Thank you sooooo much! Sapphire has been her loving self today, snuggled up with each of us for long periods of time and very relaxed!
You are sensational and very effective.

I wanted you to know that there is a dramatic improvement in her attitude and affection.

With deep appreciation,


Thank you for working (soul retrieval, and behavior) with my cats. Levi’s behavior is much better. He starts to show aggression and then you can see a change at once, as if, he is nudged by an angel or reminded that he is in a safe place with people that love him. In addition, Levi is back to using only his litter box. We have a peaceful existence together, thanks to you and your wonderful work. Blessings to you and all that pertains to you.

Love and Light, Lena

Eve Crowe has served as an advisor to me here and there for over ten years. I have the utmost respect for her as she is always, always right.

About 6 weeks ago, I was checking in with Eve on a business space to see what sense she’d get about the old bank space across from Weeks restaurant… if it would be in our ‘highest and best’ to be in that space. Before we even did a card reading she said immediately, “it’s close but it’s not it. Something better is coming.” That got me nervous as I knew that if that didn’t work out, we might not find a good space after all as at the time I couldn’t imagine anything better or more perfect. Plus, we were running out of time. She continued….”What I’m seeing is the same street, but down the street. At one point, she even said ‘behind you.’ And at another point she said ‘amazing storefront’. I wrote this down and have record of it. As I was feeling particularly nervous about the deadline to move out of our current space, I expressed that and she helped me to come up with and write down the following intention: “I will sign a lease for my dream space by April 30th.”

Now we are in an AMAZING, beyond perfect space above Noggin Factory, just across the street from Henry Law Park / Children’s Museum of NH. It’s exactly what Eve said and where she said it would be, and the lease was signed today, which I just realized is exactly the date we manifested as a deadline. Amazing. Smiling. Thank you!

Lisa Flynn, E-RYT, RCYT

I have had the sincere pleasure of working extensively with Eve Crowe. Her strength, grounding, and sincerity are treasures to this world. She is open and up front as well as loving and kind. Her work is grounded in the light and she doesn’t mess around! I like that a lot. I have learned so much from her that I use in my life daily, and my ability to trust in myself and get into my own strength has increased considerably. Her guidance and intuitions have always been right on, and the clearings she does are invaluable. The energy in my home has shifted so much. It’s lovely. Our home was filled with chaos and upset emotion and we just couldn’t clear this space. I called Eve and after her clearings and lifting, everything shifted. Our home is calm now. It’s able to hold more love and the negative attachments have lifted; not to return. Thank you Eve from the bottom of my heart. You are a blessing, and I am eternally grateful for the work that you do, and that you live your life open to helping others. We all need people like you in our lives!

Kristy Brown

I’ve been interested in Shamanic Healing and had been looking for someone in the field to that I felt would help me. I was lucky enough to find Eve who took the time to explain the process to me. She answered my questions and made me feel comfortable with her knowledge of Shamanic Healing.

By profession, I am a skeptic. I have been a police officer for fifteen years and currently work as a Detective Sergeant. Eve was patient with me as I asked about 30 minuets worth of questions before I felt comfortable enough to go through with the session. I am glad I did it!!!

The session itself took approximately an hour. During the healing session, I could feel the heaviness lifting from me. From the burning sage to the chanting and music, I felt at peace. I was able to relax and feel the energy around me. Once done, she hit on three different times in my life that I had significant incidents occur. She explained what she was able to spiritually do for me and since then, I have felt an extreme difference. My mood is lighter, I have more energy and I have my swagger back!!! I don’t usually write reviews however I felt it important to share my experience so that it may help others looking for peace. It worked for me and it has helped. I have talked about her to my friends and family, I highly recommend Eve if you are looking into healing.


I recently had a wonderful experience with Eve Crowe. I was experiencing some negative energy in one part of my home. I was having bad dreams every time I slept close to that area, as were other people (house guests). I did what I could, prayed and lit sage, but the energy was not clearing. I heard about Eve Crowe from a friend who I trust completely, and so I called. Shortly after she did the clearing, that room became light and positive again. No question, the negative energy cleared out. She also did some work on the woman who watches my son (she had been experiencing ghosts on a nightly basis in her home). She too had a great outcome. She can now sleep through the night, her son has stopped seeing ghosts sitting on their couch, and the strange noises stopped. She feels much better in her home, and is so very happy to have found Eve Crowe. She was hesitant at first, but is now very grateful for the help. Thank you so much Eve. I will not forget your help, and I will always call you in the future if ever needed again.

Kristy Brown

When my daughter was a teenager she seemed to exist under a dark, dismal cloud. She just was miserable all the time and was self-medicating with weed, alcohol and probably a whole list of other things I’m glad I never knew about.

Miraculously, I managed to talk her into doing a session with Eve. Eve talked with her about some of her feelings about her father and step-brother, gave her a glimpse of some past lives and did a healing. While there wasn’t an instant turnaround after her session, my daughter began to climb out of the dark hole she was in.

Today, 8 or 9 years later, she is a gorgeous, delightful, mature, sensitive young woman. Everyone who meets her says she virtually shines with life. She’s a nurse, has a wonderful fiancé and lots of friends. She and my son are certainly my two best friends in the world.

Without Eve’s help, I don’t know if we ever would have gotten to where we are today.

Sue Mellen, President


My mom is obsessed with donkeys, so when I saw Eve’s personalized donkey videos I knew it would be the perfect Christmas present! Eve did a wonderful job of accommodating for my special, personalized message to my mom, as well as adjusting the camera angle and dealing with technical difficulties. Her accommodations made for an enhanced customer experience, but moreover the video itself pure gold! The miniature donkeys are adorable. They’re still working on their tricks, but they make up for it with enthusiasm! They’re very fluffy and sweet, and just watching them interact with each other is heartwarming. Eve also did a great job of talking a bit about the donkeys and how she cares for them. Ultimately this is a very nice gift. I highly recommend Eve’s donkey services!

Cara F.

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